Learn How to Screen Print

Course Overview

You will learn to Screen Print, no matter your creative level, or available space.

Learn How to Screen Print

You will learn a skill that you can use anywhere in the world, using low cost equipment and eco-friendly water based inks, with one technique you can print on almost all substrates for either yourself or to start a commercial business.

What You'll Learn

Highly sought after premium super soft eco-friendly water based printing techniques.


You will get a overview of what you will be learning and installing Photoshop, and discussing equipment.

Full Color CMYK

We will jump into a CMYK Photoshop color seperation tutorial before printing that image in full color.

Preparing Artwork

We will go over more Photoshop tutorials and start getting ready to prepare the screen for exposure, and our first print.

Creating Stencils

The creation of stencils for printing using paper stencils and also exposing screens coated with emulsion.

Exposing Screens

You will learn how to expose a screen coated with emulsion, using a 500w halogen spotlight and also using the sun.

Multi Color Printing

Learn how to print multi-color designs using a variety of techniques, from blocking off parts of the screen, to using a screen for each color.

Super Soft Discharge Printing

The softest, premium prints are all discharge printed, you will learn to print with discharge, single color to multi color.

Mixing Inks

All about inks, bases and pigments, learn to mix your own colors and also how to use the included pantone color card for more accurate mixing.

Reclaiming Screens

You will learn to reclaim a screen, so that you can get it ready for the next print job, we will also do some speciality printing and more ...


Learn How to Screen Print at a fraction of the cost


Dont just take our word on it, see what others have to say about our screen printing courses.


"A big shout out and thank you to Robert for the amazing course. Not only was it educational but super fun learning how to screenprint. Looking forward to putting these new skills to good use. I highly recommend this course. He is knowledgeable and encouraging, all round great experience. Thanks to Robert and his family from the Stoned Oxygen team."

Cassidy Bo Morrison

Stoned Oxygen Clothing Brand

"I attended the 2 day screen printing class and cant be more grateful for the amazing knowledge and techniques i was taught! Robert was awesome and the class was loads of fun and colorful! Thank you so much for the awesome experience!!"

Cassidy Heggie

Contract Screen Printer

"Great course, we did an amended 1 day course but it got us into it. I bought some basic equipment, still need to build a platen and get a light but we learned a lot and Robert's generous with information."

Mike Scott

Mike Scott Animation

"The best teacher in the Gardenroute. Your’e a star, Robert, sharing your knowledge with us!"

Rita Knoetze

Owner Scarab Market & Paper

"I had a blast and learnt alot . Ready to get going. The course was informative and comprehensive and the kit was perfect for my needs. Highly recommended!"

Laurel Giddy


"I did my course with Robert beginning 2016 and it was the best investment I could have made personally and for my business. The course was very thorough and tailored to my needs. We would spend more time on what he thought I needed to improve on, and moved along quickly when he saw I was getting the hang of it. I especially like and appreciate the after “sales” service I received and to this day still receive. Definitely an expert and mentor in the screenprinting industry."

Roeline Burger

Owner ByRoeline Babywear

"Thank you Robert! I had fun, I completed the course feeling empowered and excited to start. You have been generous with all you know and never held back on the secrets of the trade."

Vanessa Myburgh

Owner Ichtus Seafront B&B

Robert of Howtoscreenprint. has been a great help to me since i started Screen printing earlier in 2016, He has helped me on a almost daily basis to fine tune and design new prints. Best investment that i ever made was to go for a course with him. He refined my technique(or lack thereof) and taught me alot of design methods and techniques in PS. As for printing he is a absolute guru pulling of prints that the "bigger" printers could merely dream of. I would totally suggest to check out his new online courses, as these are a invaluable resource to any screen printer out there, be it for hobby or commercial printing. I love his great attitude of never saying that it cant be done but always finding the most simple easy way to do a print.

Derick Brady

Owner Witbank Screen Printing

Low Price for Lifetime Access

ONLY $85

Have Doubts? We'll Answer Them

Here are a few of the most common questions asked.

I do not have the space to start printing.

You can start printing on your kitchen table, or against the wall, the way that you will learn to print u to print in any sized space.

I do not have thousands of dollars for equipment.

That is the beauty of this system, you can start as small as you like or can afford and expand as you need, we are all about sustainability.

presses to print multiple colors seems so expensive.

Unlike a standard rotary press, your only limitation to how many colors you can print is the quantity of your screens , and I will show you how to print more than color on a screen

I do not know how to use Photoshop

Not only will I teach you everything you need to know, including some very high end techniques, you get a legal copy of Photoshop with the course.

I am busy and do not have the time to learn.

We are sympathetic to the fact that not everybody has time to learn in a limited time frame, that's why we decided that we will allow lifetime access to our courses.

I do not want to start a printing business.

The money is not in printing for others anyway, and you can print one offs for yourself and family if you like, but it is a skill that you can use anytime.

I detest the feel of Plastisol Prints, and want no part of it.

We feel the same and only print using eco-friendly water based inks, and we will only teach water based ink and discharge printing in this course.

I am not very handy, or good at building things.

The equipment is adaptable to your needs and available resources, you will be surprised at the simplicity of the equipment needed.

I am to old, or I am to young, to learn now skills.

My son is three years old and he prints, while i have had pupils from five years old to eighty years old, and they all print and love it.


Learn How to Screen Print at a fraction of the cost