About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

I spent over 12 years in the FMCG industry doing sales and marketing before I left the corporate world to become a freelance web designer, over the past five years we have printed thousands of prints, while designing for companies and start up labels.

Last year I discovered that the demand for screen printing classes was high enough to justify us offering classes, I am also finishing my BBA degree to assist small business with offering simplified large business concepts to assist them in growing their own business.

But that is not the whole picture, we are a family who are passionate about empowering people, my love for teaching has grown from being petrified to speak in public to wanting to just grab people and teach them new skills, now my amazing wife and partner has been focused on seeing how we can lead a global nomadic lifestyle and show our three year old things that he would otherwise never experience, such as dinosaur fossils or swimming with manta rays in Asia etc.

To fund this lifestyle we have moved our courses online, now if we cannot deliver great products, we cannot afford to chase the ink across the world, since no sales = empty bellies.

To ensure that we do not starve, we have created courses that are even better than our live courses, while being a fraction of the cost.

Our aim is to make screen printing accessible to every person on the globe, no matter your economic background or level of creativity.

All we wish for is that once you have learn’t from us, that once you are confident that you teach others.

We are currently in Phuket, Thailand taking a slow travel through South East Asia, chasing the ink

www.instagram.com/howtoscreenprint_travels if you would like to follow our travels


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