What does the Screen Printing Course Cover

This course is based on almost five years  of daily printing using exclusivly eco-friendly water based inks and discharge , on a handmade wooden 10 platen line table.

I will be covering everything from equipment needed to multi color CMYK printing and everything inbetween, plenty Photoshop color seperation and artwork prepping tutorials (a legal copy of Photoshop is included)

So why not just go look at youtube videos?

When I started, I also thought how hard could it be, since there are plenty of youtube videos, well the majority of videos only show you a small part of the process and then they are all on machines using plastisol inks, unless you using a expensive rotary machine and printing Plastisol, you are going to learn conflicting techniques and pick up bad habits.

I am not saying you will not be able to, since it took me around 3 months to figure it out and another 6 to get good at it, thanks to trail and error, if you happy taking that route … go for it.

If you would like to print super soft eco-friiendly premium prints with unlimited colors, totally location independent in a few days, then take the course.

Itdoes not mean that you will after the course become the expert, since you need to build up muscle memory, but what this course will do is allow you to not have to waste time on figuring out how to do it, and rather free up your tme so you cn do it and get good at it.

Due to the low costs, even if you decide after a few months or days that screen printing is not for you, you have not lost a huge sum of money, and can always revisit screen printing should you change your mind, sinc ethe course is a one time fee = lifetime access.



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